Assassins Ball: Rise of Sorengard is a social game played during PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, WA, from August 28–31.

In the game you play an assassin joining forces with one of six factions.  Your faction assigns you missions to find specific groups of players within the crowd and "assassinate" them.  Successful assassinations grant prestige for yourself and your faction.

Sorengard, a new Seattle-based faction, is joining the Assassins Ball!  While their motives are unknown, they have the home field advantage. Caution is advised.

The Sorengard faction will be sold in limited quantities.  As players join additional quantities will be added.

To play in Assassins Ball you will need to be attending PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, WA, August 28-31 for at least one day.  In addition you will need an Assassin Kit, which contains the physical materials you will need to play, and access to this website to view assigned missions, confirm kills and perform other actions during the game.

Assassins are only as good as their tools. Each Assassin Kit includes:

  • Player Badge - A large button with a symbol and your chosen faction printed on it.
  • Kill Confirm - A small card to use when you are assassinated.
  • Faction Button - A small button to wear (optional) so you can show off your chosen faction.

Each player picks from one of six available factions.  Factions are an optional but important element in missions.  While you will never receive a mission to assassinate a player from your faction, this does not mean you are safe from your fellow faction members.

Faction Name Theme and Inspiration

Select a faction above for more information.

Missions are assignments given to you by your faction, detailing the specific parameters of your target.  Below is an example of a mission you might receive during the game.

Primary Target
250 prestige
Secondary Targets
100 prestige
Optional Faction
Doubles prestige

Each mission is broken down into three parameters:

  • Primary Target - The specific shape and color target your faction is requesting you assassinate.  Assassinating a player that matches this will usually net you the most prestige.
  • Secondary Targets - A range of shape and color targets that your faction would accept to complete the mission.  Assassinating a player that matches one of these will usually net you the least prestige.
  • Optional Faction - The specific faction your faction wishes you to assassinate.  Assassinating a player that matches the Primary or Secondary targets and the faction target will double the prestige earned.

In order to successfully complete a mission you must locate a player whose player symbol matches either the primary or secondary target symbols of your mission.  The difference between assassinating a primary target and a secondary is the prestige you gain from the kill.

The faction specified by any mission is always optional, but successfully assassinating a player of the specified faction will double the prestige you earn for that kill.

Despite the subject matter Assassins Ball is not a physical game.  After locating a target be respectful when approaching them and do not disrupt them if they are engaged in an activity.  While you are encouraged to be creative when assassinating a player please:

  • Do not use prop weapons
  • Do not do anything that could be considered threatening (Physical contact, proximity)
  • Above all don’t ruin someones fun

Prestige is the measure by which assassins are ranked.  The more accurately you complete missions, assassinating primary targets or targets with the correct factions, the greater the prestige you will earn.

During the game you will be able to view your past missions and prestige as well as the those of the most prestigious players.  Other stats about the game and your faction will also be available.

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